1. Junior Freeride Tour

    2023-11-05 14:21:20 UTC
    I’ve been around the ski and snowboard freeride scene for many many years now, but as I get older I start to notice details about the community that remind me why the sport is a wholesome one. Unfortunately, this may change now that FIS has bought it with a view…

  2. The mountain education

    2023-07-25 07:42:17 UTC
    Every now and then we just seem to click with certain experiences that consume us, and we then fight tooth and nail to hold onto or stay a part of whatever feeling that situation conjured up. For myself, it was a trip to Africa that started a love affair with…

  3. Mountain Film Festival

    2023-07-12 00:49:48 UTC
    As winter rolls around here in Wanaka, New Zealand, the mountain movies start piquing everyones interest and raising the stoke levels.What used to be a sleepy mountain town, Wanaka has now become a epicenter of all things extreme, but somehow has managed to retain its friendly local vibe with a…

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