1. Can imposter syndrome be a positive thing?

    2023-12-29 19:22:00 UTC
    Turning imposter syndrome into the imposter. Imposter syndrome is one of those things that I’m confident in saying everyone has felt at some point in their lives. It doesn’t matter if you’re confident, shy, introverted or extroverted it will happen on some level.  Over the years I’ve seen YouTube videos…

  2. Junior Freeride Tour

    2023-11-05 14:21:20 UTC
    I’ve been around the ski and snowboard freeride scene for many many years now, but as I get older I start to notice details about the community that remind me why the sport is a wholesome one. Unfortunately, this may change now that FIS has bought it with a view…

  3. The mountain education

    2023-07-25 07:42:17 UTC
    Every now and then we just seem to click with certain experiences that consume us, and we then fight tooth and nail to hold onto or stay a part of whatever feeling that situation conjured up. For myself, it was a trip to Africa that started a love affair with…

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