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Creativity Crawl

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We’re crawling creativity today and the web has given us some great places to go!

  1. Honoring the creative process is just one of the 10 tips on How to Exercise Your Creativity Without Letting Fear Get in Your Way

A man holding a camera up to his face, ready to take a picture

2. Need a creative boost? Read 10 Ways to Increase Your Creativity.

3. If you’re into algorithms and are looking for a mathematical take on creativity,  Can an Algorithm Determine Art History’s Most Creative Paintings? might be your cup of tea.

Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 10.06.01 AM
“Creativity scores for 1710 paintings from Artchive dataset. Each point represents a painting. The horizontal axis is the year the painting was created and the vertical axis is the creativity score.” (screenshot by the author from

I admittedly find these article interesting, but I also bristle at them. Is creativity the act or the result? Is creativity defined by influence and originality, which is what their mathematical model is looking at?

If the result is that Camille Pissarro, who makes my heart sing, is deemed banal, than I say no. What do you think?

4. What I can get on board with is NPR’s For Adults, Coloring Invites Creativity and Brings Comfort.

Color pencils

I love coloring! If the last time you colored was when you were a kid, get yourself a coloring book and give it a shot. It’s a fabulous ritual to help you release your work day and enjoy your night at home.

5. Lastly, here’s How Copying Promotes Creativity.

Have you ever visited a museum and seen someone copying one of the works of art? Art students know the value of copying.  Both skill and inspiration can be the rewards of copying. It’s a worthy exercise.


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